Trailwise – History on Wheels

These are trips taken on 4X4 vehicles, along the banks of the southern Jordan between Degania and Kinneret. This is where the Kinneret flows into the Jordan on its way to the Dead Sea. This is the cradle of the revived Jewish Settlement, where the social and agricultural experiments of the pioneers were first attempted and co-operative settlements was established. This area is still a paradise for all kinds of plant and animal life.
The tours are taken on "mules", a safe and easy 4X4 vehicle, driven by the clients after appropriate training by the staff. These mules are comfortable and accessible to all. They are appropriate for groups, individuals, and families of all ages, including older or disabled individuals. The tours are accompanied by explanations and stories, and are a great experience for all.
Highlights of the trip:

Hearing stories of the hardships of the original pioneers.

 Visiting the sites of the early settlements. Learning of the

topography of the Jordan, the Jordan dam, the salt filter of the National Water Carrier, ancient and modern.
irrigation techniques, co-operative agricultural projects.

- Observing many varieties of plant and animal life along the Jordan.
- Wading in the area's springs and bathing in the Jordan. Languages: Hebrew, English, Spanish
At the entrance to Kibbutz Kinneret from Highway 90, Sunday-Thursday: 8 AM – 6 PM; Friday & Shabbat: 8 AM – 5 PM
By telephone appointment: 050-656-4696